March Series


While on residency at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland, I continued on the work made in Chile and created a slew (over 100!) of screen printed and watercolor mixed media pieces. Drawings are based off of original photographs taken at various marches, which I then screen printed and painted with watercolors. Pieces range in size from 6’’x9’’ to 9.5’’x12.5’’.

For each print sold, I am donating $10 to a local organization that works directly with those affected by the policies these marchers were protesting.

Women's march pieces are from the 2017 march in DC and the 2018 march in Cleveland. $10 of each print sale will be donated to Preterm - one of the last remaining abortion providers in our area.


Pieces focusing on immigration are from Cleveland's 2017 anti-travel ban airport rally and 2018 anti-deportation rally. $10 of each print sale will be donated to Los Niños De Corsos, for the children recently affected by the raids at Corsos in Sandusky, Ohio.