Of Space and Time


Aurora, Ohio

In 2007, I photographed my maternal grandparents' house as part of an undergrad photography project. I had also photographed them in their home in my first film photography class in 2001 / 2002.

In 2016 I documented the house as it stood then, emptied and on the eve of its sale - both of my grandparents having passed years before. With the help of my mom's arms, we transposed many of the earlier black and white film photos (via the iPad) onto the now empty home.

This project is dedicated with love to my grandparents, Park and Donna (Unger) French, and to all in my large and beloved French clan. Special thanks to my mother, Annie French, for her assistance. 


The Butterfly and Cocoon Rooms



During my lifetime, where guests would sleep and where loads of the toys, games, and costumes lived. Naturally, where we spent a lot of time as kids. The Cocoon Room was coveted for its seclusion and Princess Pea bed. Before my time, this space rotated as a bedroom for my grandparents and aunts. 



Upstairs Bathroom




The Movie Room


Where we watched all the movies from Grandma's impressive VHS collection. Also, where I hung out with Grandma while she worked on her library projects. Location of Grandma's extraordinary DIY vintage children's book cover wallpaper wall and mountains of actual children's books. 



The Pink Room


At one time, my mother's and aunts' bedroom. During my lifetime, a massive to-the-ceiling storage room. (Like, we never went in there. Never ever. There was a sign on the door with a skull that said "Scary Zone: do not enter".)



The Blue Room


Another rotating bedroom for the seven children of my mom's generation. In my lifetime, was used as a guest bedroom. 



The Yellow Kitchen


The house was actually split into two separate homes before my grandparents purchased it. The upstairs kitchen functioned as my uncle's (the only boy out of seven kids) bedroom and later, as my grandpa's study/work room.



Dining Room


I don't remember using this room as a dining room in my lifetime, but it definitely had been prior to my existence.



The Map Bathroom


Site of Grandma's most amazing DIY National Geographic wallpaper - we believe she competed this sometime in the 1960's. 



Living Room


Where every holiday and family gathering was held. Also where I learned to perfect the art of napping.



Grandma's Room


Where grandma slept during my lifetime. But this room was also like a side living room that housed the TV, so it was often another gathering place.



Grandpa's Room


Another rotating bedroom that finally settled as my Grandpa's room. It housed many of his books and computers. This was where I typed many a school paper as a kid. 



The 'Junk' Room


In my mom's lifetime, called the Junk Room. To me it was always the extra food room where Grandma kept a stocked extra freezer and non-perishable food items. Where she would load me up with groceries when I was a college student. It also housed more of Grandpa's computers and workout equipment. The children's artwork on the walls had been hanging since their early years in the home during the 1960's.





The living heart of the house, as kitchens tend to be.





Was completely packed in my day, housing Grandpa's machine shop, lathes, lawn mowers, and tools. Home of the infamous Ghoulardi Club, dating back to even before my family lived there.