Teaching Experience / Mural + Public Art

Printmaking Teaching Instruction

2014 - Present

Zygote Press / APE MADE Studio / Youth Outreach

Cleveland, Ohio

Since 2014, I have taught a variety of printmaking workshops, primarily focusing on screen printing.  Classes have been held at both Zygote Press and at the APE MADE studio, as well as with local youth organizations. Ages of students typically range from middle school to adult.  


Creative Fusion Westside Boys and Girls Club and Esperanza Workshops

Spring 2015

Cleveland Foundation / Zygote Press

Westside Boys and Girls Club and Esperanza – Cleveland, Ohio

I worked with Chilean visiting artist, Mauricio Cortés Fuentes,  while he stayed in Cleveland for 3 months through the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion program. Creative Fusion is an artist residency program that partners international artists with local arts organizations with the goal of maximizing the cultural exchange between artists and the community.

While here, I assisted Mauricio's workshops with the after-school Esperanza group and at the Westside Boys and Girls Club, conducting both engraving and enameling workshops.


ArtWorks Summer Program

Summer 2014

Center For Arts-Inspired Learning

Cleveland, Ohio

I worked as master teaching artist for a group of 11 teens over a 6-week full-time program, teaching the basics of printmaking, with an emphasis on screen printing. The course took two forms.  First, students used their newly learned printmaking skills to create their own “mini-line” of products, which they then marketed and sold. I focused on teaching not only the technical skills needed for printing but honed in on real-world printmaking and business applications.  Student apprentices received hands-on learning in all aspects of building a brand and merchandising: design, printing, production, packaging, branding, marketing, small business management, and sales.


The second component of our project was community based. Students became the teachers, leading in-person screen printing lessons with both other groups of students and in the general community.  As a team, we developed a public art installation for the Gay Games – researching and illustrating designs for the AIDS Memorial Walk, focusing on the history of and educational information surrounding the disease.  We printed these designs onto balloons which were then installed at the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland’s grand opening, MOCA Cleveland, and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the AIDS Memorial Walk during the Gay Games.


Creative Fusion Sisterhood Workshops

Fall 2013

Cleveland Foundation / Zygote Press

West Side Community House – Cleveland, Ohio

I worked with Senegalese visiting artist, Cheikhou Ba,  while he stayed in Cleveland for 3 months through the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion program. 

I helped facilitate Cheikhou's workshops with the after-school Sisterhood girls’ group at the Westside Community House.  These portraiture workshops explored issues of identity and self with the participants, and culminated in an art show featuring their work at the end.


Creative Fusion Stockyard Schools Workshops

Fall 2013

Art House / Cleveland Foundation / Zygote Press

Art House and Stockyard Schools – Cleveland, Ohio

In addition to the Sisterhood group (above), Cheikhou partnered with Art House and provided workshops to 6th graders at the Stockyard Community Elementary school.  As with the Sisterhood group, these portraiture workshops explored issues of identity and self with the participants, and culminated in an art show featuring their work at the end.


El Salvador Mural Project

January 2013

Hogar de Niños Adalberto Guirola – Santa Tecla, El Salvador

In 2013, I traveled to El Salvador with Concern for Children as their art service project leader. The main focus of our group's visit was providing medical care for children in orphanages - we evaluated and treated about 500 children throughout the country.  The mural was completed at a special needs orphanage in addition to the medical care. 

I extend a huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped this mural become a reality – we were working on a tight timeframe and I couldn't have done it without them.


El Salvador Girls Painting Project

January 2013

El Salvador

While on the 2013 volunteer trip with Concern For Children (above), we traveled to an orphanage for older girls.  We only had a short time to spend there, so instead of a mural, I led a painting workshop where the girls worked on three canvases (which would then be hung together to make a sort of “mini mural”).


Safe PATH Playroom Mural

May 2010


Family & Community Services Safe PATH Housing – Portage County, Ohio

This full room mural was completed at a domestic violence transitional housing unit.  It was requested that we give this playroom for the children a makeover.  I was an working as an AmeriCorps Program Manager and my AmeriCorps members helped to complete the painting.


Arts Alive! Youth Arts Group

2008 – 2012

Family & Community Services

Portage County, Ohio

I volunteered with the after-school and summer youth arts group, Arts Alive!, for many years – often leading printmaking workshops with elementary through high school aged youth.


MLK Day Mural


AmeriCorps VISTA

Family & Community Services Senior Center – Ravenna, Ohio

This mural was completed as an MLK Day of Service project while I was serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA.  The Senior Center at Family & Community Services had recently moved and requested a garden themed mural for their new space.  Community members of all ages helped complete the painting of this mural.