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Client Work

2017 - 2019



Ape_Bleakney_Border Light Festival 2019 Promo.jpg

I created the art for the 2019 inaugural year of BorderLight’s International Theatre + Fringe Festival in Downtown Cleveland. The festival was looking for something aspirational with a gritty but sophisticated feel and a broad, international appeal. The design was utilized in a broad range of materials and applications for the festival.



Preterm Bowl-a-Thon



This project is more in line with my screen printing company, APE MADE. I designed and hand printed these vintage bowling shirt inspired tees for Preterm Cleveland, in conjunction with their annual fundraiser for abortion access funds. APE MADE has long been a sponsor and personal fundraiser for this event - it was a welcome addition to be able to also create these shirts for the 2019 event.

Event photos below by Heidi M. Rolf.

Ape_Bleakney_Preterm_BAT_Preterm Color Mockup (Shirts Only).jpg


Loan Protector Solon


Ape_Bleakney_Loan_Protector_Multiples - DSC08782.JPG
Ape_Bleakney_Loan_Protector_Final Master Layout - Loan Protector (Solon)x.jpg

This was a corporate commission for Loan Protector Solon inspired by the Hilton ‘Foundations’ series, a salon style piece layering both current and historic Cleveland imagery. The total area when hung is roughly 4’ x 8’ and the palette was chosen with the client’s preferences for their new space.



Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland Race For Kids


Ape_Bleakney_BGCC_012 640 BGCC Race For Kids 6-22-19 B22C7791.jpg

This project is more in line with my screen printing company, APE MADE. I designed and hand printed this large order of custom Cleveland centric tees for Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, in conjunction with their annual fundraiser, Race For Kids.

BGCC Mockups (Front & Back).jpg

Ape_Bleakney_City Club Mural Installation 08-30-18 (4).jpg

City Club Mural


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Cleveland Marathon



As 2017 marked the Marathon's 40th anniversary, the goal with this poster was to throw it back to the late ’70s.

Ape_Bleakney_Cleveland_Marathon_'2017 Cleveland Marathon' Poster, 12.5''x19'', Screen Print on Sno-Cone Blue, 2017.jpg

I used a photograph of Cleveland Marathon runners from that era, provided by the organizers – combined with one of my own more recent featuring the Terminal Tower, Key Center, and the Huntington (old BP) Building. These photos were bitmapped to give the feel of a 1970s newspaper clipping / xerox / mimeograph and coupled with a retro font. 1970s teal ink was used with Sno-Cone blue paper to mimic the Marathon’s colors. Each print was hand printed, signed and numbered.



Crossing The River


Ape_Bleakney_Crossing the River Book (Multiple Books).jpg

Original screen prints created as cover art for the book of poetry by Bill Griffin, Crossing The River, reflecting on his nearly 40 years of service as a doctor in rural North Carolina. Printed in in 3 color ways, the author chose the warm for his cover.

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Ape_Bleakney_'Bialosky Commission, (Installed)', 2015.jpg

Bialosky Architects


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Ape_Bleakney_'Hilton Commission (Rotunda Detail)', Screen Print, 2016 x.jpg

Hilton Hotel


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